With the advent of the “Digital Squeeze” and the sell off of part of the frequency spectrum to service wireless broadband services throughout the world, technology has had to quickly adapt to allow for greater use of a lesser amount of frequencies

Broadband Transmission

Zaxcom broadband transceivers have been developed to encompass a greater spread of the available frequency spectrum. This means that no matter where you are in Australia or around the globe, these units have a far greater chance of finding available clean, clear frequencies to operate. The Zaxcom units I now utilise allow me to scan half of the available wireless frequencies worldwide which means you are never trapped in a situation where wireless interference plays havoc with your ability to shoot a scene.

On-board Recording

In addition to a wider range of operating frequencies, all my Zaxcom wireless units, including my boom mics, have the ability to record on board. Receiving synchronous timecode via my Nomad recorder/mixer, each unit is perpetually recording at the source, so if there is interference or you need your talent to go for a drive in the country, fly in a chopper or even skydive while talking – these units are your ultimate answer! Complete recording redundancy means you will never miss a moment of sound ever.