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I worked with Chris for many years and he has continued to be one of my favourite sound mixers. He has inordinate attention to detail, he is punctual, dedicated and forward thinking.
I think Chris becomes an integral part of any team he is working with, and as such he is committed to making sure that every aspect of what he produces for on-air is of a consistent high quality. From liaising with the producers to going above and beyond to make sure what we produce is outstanding on-air product.
Chris displays a mature attitude to every aspect of the sound design he provides. Nothing is too much trouble or too miniscule to escape his attention. I always feel “safe” when Chris is mixing for me!
If necessary, Chris also directs talent well, whilst showing deference to his clients and still insisting that we adhere to the high standards he displays. He is personable, affable, fun to be around and passionate about sound. I would work with again in a heartbeat.


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Location sound recordist and audio post engineer with 35 years experience who loves to be out in the world recording great stories, wildlife and the sounds of gourmet cooking.
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