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I have worked with Chris (myself on camera and he on sound) on a two week, around the country, project with a very small crew (myself with Chris and the director/producer) and found the experience all the better for having Chris as our soundo.
Chris was very Professional, very experienced and very respectful of myself being least experienced of the party and always willing to help and guide where possible.
Since, I have found I have always looked back at Chris as a very good example of a good crew member and since taking on my own projects with other sound recordists I value that experience with Chris and would use him more, if we were less than 2500 kms from each other, for sure!
Chris is not only a great Soundo, but an excellent human being as well.


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Location sound recordist and audio post engineer with 35 years experience who loves to be out in the world recording great stories, wildlife and the sounds of gourmet cooking.
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