In recent years I made the decision to integrate my equipment and after a long analysis I went down the path of an entirely Zaxcom system

Nomad Field Recorder

The Zaxcom field recorder/mixer allows up to 12 isolated track records. Working entirely in the digital realm, audio is captured in a 32bit proprietary format and simultaneously is backed up to an additional card in whatever professional format recquired. The benefit of this is even in a catastrophic power failure situation, the audio file remains intact and uncorrupted to the point where power was switched off – essential in a multi mic, observational situation when battery failure occurs 40 minutes into a scene!

Integrated Control

The Nomad also acts as a control hub for the rest of the field equipment. Master timecode is transmitted to all cameras and wireless devices keeping everything locked together. A feature post will thank you for at 3am! Wireless transmitters can be remotely controlled allowing frequency and transmission gain changes mid take without stopping your talent. The Nomad also transmits audio and code to all IFB units without the need for additional transmission equipment.