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I decided to clean out my microphone cupboard and discovered some units I had forgotten I owned and discovered some missing out in the field being used!
So once I had them all out if would be silly not to get a group photo and here it is.

Microphone collection

There is an array of shotguns of varying patterns and uses, vocal mics in dynamic, condenser, valve and ribbon. Microphones for instruments, atmospheres, head worn, body worn, hand held, wireless and cabled, mono and stereo. I have some close ups of some of them in my microphone gallery if you would like a closer look.

If you have a project that needs an inventive approach to sound, or a film clip that needs a period or high tech look… give me a call to discuss how we can make it happen. I have a variety of field recorders and mixers to bring it all together as well.

Apart from all that, for a microphone nerd like myself, they are just nice to look at and hold

Chris McCallum


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Location sound recordist and audio post engineer with 35 years experience who loves to be out in the world recording great stories, wildlife and the sounds of gourmet cooking.
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