Copperphone Mini Character Microphone

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I am very excited to add the Placid Audio Copperphone Mini character microphone to my collection!
The Copperphone is a specialist mic developed by Mark Pirro of the bands Tripping Daisy and The Polyphonic Spree. It is designed to replicate the retro sound of old recordings without the need for tinny electronics, providing a unique and authentic sound capturing sounds in the 200Hz – 1.4kHz range for the technically minded.

Beautifully made from copper (as the name implies) it has a wonderfully retro look and sound and is also the perfect prop to a music clip or period film. The Copperphone has been used by artists and producers the world over to add character to recordings or to be mixed in with a regular microphone’s sound to create a unique blend of sounds. I can’t wait to start recording with this gorgeous addition to my microphones – here is a great example in this recording by Laura Gibson performing La Grande


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