Dual channel digital wireless audio links to camera with timecode and confidence audio return

Digital Camera Link

Fully digital transmission of two channels of audio to the camera of your choice with synchronous timecode on-board! The Zaxcom CL also incorporates an internal digital recorder with timecode as a fail safe backup of all audio sent to the camera in case of frequency interference. This is the latest incarnation of the now famous Zaxcom Links, the ultimate in run and gun in camera audio management. The camera’s receiver also allows for wireless transmission of return audio so you know that nothing is being missed!

IFB with Timecode

Zaxcom IFB serves two important services. Designed as a lightweight audio receiver for your Director to monitor what is being recorded, it also has a digital display of the current timecode which makes logging shots a producers dream! These units also quickly convert to a lightweight source of guide audio and timecode lock for smaller rigs of camera. My go-to device when shooting with RED or Alexa units. Cammos love the lightweight footprint and editors love the synch!