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Friday, 15 February 2013 11:53
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Three new additions to my collection of beautiful and functional microphones that I have made available for hire within Australia as both aesthetic and working  props!



Retro Microphones for hire


My latest aquisition is this EV Cardinal Cardioid microphone. Great for vocals and instruments, it sounds great and looks awesome.

The cherry red wood construction makes it unique in design and construction. It looks great on set and sounds just as good!



Retro Microphones for hire



My favourite piece of history is this Astatic vocal mic from the 50's.

A beautiful prop piece that given some tinkering may just work as well.


Very similar to the vocal mic used in Raul Malo's Sinners and Saints video clip.







Retro Microphones for hire


My long ribbon mic evokes images of old, this design and technology dates back to the 30's but with new amplifier technology to work with the latest digital gear! It sounds lovely, particularly on warm, rich male vocals. This microphone is also ideal for recording deep stringed instruments like the cello. The ultra sensitive ribbon pickup is one of the most natural sounding microphones you can use. Set this mic "by ear" - where it sounds best to your ear in the room - it will sound great through this mic!

The last version of this mic has been used as the main vocal mic for Slide Bar's Gin Mill Social nights in Darlinghurst. They love it so much they convinced me to sell it to them.


retro vintage microphones for hireThis KAM MC3 from USA comes in three configurations, an omni pickup, cardioid and a vocal cardioid. The vocal cardioid is a thing of beauty and sounds lovely as well. The built in mesh pop shield is super effective and doesn't detract from the look of the mic itself. It is also removable if you want to just appreciate the design of the mic. Proximity to this mic rewards you with rich sounds and backgrounds drop away very quickly with distance from the pickup. Of course even if you never record anything through it, it looks amazing on camera!


retro vintage microphones for hireUnscrew the vocal capsule and attach the cardioid capsule and you have a great overhead mic, indoor interview boom or a crisp clean voice over microphone. The gentle lift in the mids and upper frequencies lets you easily cut through the background and its very forgiving pickup pattern makes it the ideal choice when chasing interview subjects. I think this will fast become one of my most used indoor microphones.



retro vintage microphones for hire

This brand new valve vocal mic certainly looks the part but sounds incredible! The electronics have been modded to enhance the already beautiful warmth that only analogue valves can reproduce. This microphone will delight the ear as well as the eye and I can't wait to record some rich dark vocals with it. It is the audio equivilant to dripping honey in your ear canals and will look amazing on camera! The bold design of the 60's conjures images of studio vocals captured on camera in iconic studios like Abbey Road.


retro vintage microphones for hire



The Rode NT2 has been my voice over mic of choice for over a decade. I carry it with me on location with my "mic thing" portable vocal booth for rich clean voice overs outside of the studio. It works equally well on female and male voices, has a lovely proximity effect and a very flat response across its broad frequency range. As someone who often ends up mixing projects that I have recorded sound in the field, this mic saves me a whole lot of grief "fixing" voice overs that have been recorded in hollow room or even worse - in the Tarago!


For full bodied foley effects, I often drag the NT2 into the foley pits alongside my MKH416


retro vintage microphones for hireThe Rode NT3 is a medium format, end address cardioid microphone. Powered by either an internal 9 volt battery or external 48v phantom power, this mic is ideal for interview situations where you can have a mic in shot or for audio only interviews. Its shape is less intimidating to non professional interviewees, it has a very natural response and packs away neatly in its zip up pouch. I used this mic for the interviews on the lovely doco Dating the H*Bomb


Rode NT4 Continuing my Rode collection the NT4 is their X/Y stereo condenser microphone. Ideal as an overhead pickup for piano or for capturing stereo atmospheres in the field. The two half inch pickups are matched for a natural stereo sound that places you exactly in the scene. I have used this mic to record piano on a Katie Noonan live performance, atmosphere tracks for Once Upon a Time in Cabramatta and great sounds for my own collection where ever I travel!


I recently used the NT4 exclusively on a shoot for Nutella grabbing as many natural sounds as possible to accompany the beautiful dawn images of the spot.


retro vintage microphones for hireMore examples of my ribbon mic collection, this time in a lollipop configuration. Great for accoustic instruments, especially strings and also lovely for natural soft female vocals. These mics look and sound great and are also available in a coincidence stereo array for capturing the true sound of a musical or atmospheric environment. I love to position these in the middle of a performance to hear what is really happening in a space. Place them overhead or simply where ever it sounds great in the room - truly beautiful!



MKH416TThe location shotgun "go-to" mic of the last 30 years is the Sennheiser MHK416. This directional beauty is the mainstay of the production industry with good reason. Robust, humidity proof and with great "reach" the 416 has a rising response around 4k and lifts the human voice out of the noise behind. Its excellent off axis rejection allows you to exclude all the sounds you don't want or need and focus on what you do! This is my original microphone and dates back to a time in Sennheisers production of hand crafted reliability. It is also the 12 volt version meaning batteries in the field last a lot longer. The 416 is also often the favourite choice of voice over recording engineers because of its ability to lift the human voice range without a whole lot of work along the way.



MKH8060The little brother of the 416 is my new MKH8060 shotgun microphone. All the benefits of 30 years experience building the 416 plus a smoother transition off axis, a smaller package and lower self noise. Sadly my 416 is more often than not left in the pelican case while I am loving its newer sibling. The 8060 has the same reach, RF and humidity resistence built into 21st century technology and size. Teamed with the Rycote wind protection system, it is bullet proof in the field!


So if you are in need of a working mic in the field or studio, or simply want some beautiful technology to adorn your images, contact me to discuss your needs, I have full insurance and I am happy to ship all over the country.


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