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After 8 years of my old site serving me well, it is time to join the modern generation of responsive programming and be in touch with the world of tablets and smart phones!

I have also taken the opportunity to update my showreel and add an interactive clients page to showcase some recent productions.

2016 was a diverse year and I was privileged to work on some great projects with amazing people. 2017 is shaping up to be another cracker and I am prepping with gear servicing, updating company paperwork and all the dull side of running a business.

Let’s leap into some fun and informative shoots and enjoy a refreshing G+T at the end of the day!

See you on location

Chris McCallum


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Location sound recordist and audio post engineer with 35 years experience who loves to be out in the world recording great stories, wildlife and the sounds of gourmet cooking.
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